2006, Gouache on Paper, 220 x 150cm
For a long time one of the certainties of everyday life
was the idea that communication, understanding and
cognition are linked in a relatively simple transceiver
model. We have long since been expelled from the
supposed paradise of this one-dimensional structure,
diffused by the purely technical-scientific system of
thought in the communication studies and common
consciousness. Things are far more complicated:
communication has nothing to do with the exchange
of information. There is no information that can be
pushed smoothly through channels, exchanged and
processed. Far more, it is our brain that construes
all of that which is perceived as
sounds and pictures, as a taste or
a smell. We don't see with our
eyes, but with the brain. The case
can be summed up in this aphorism.
Therefore, it is the brain that plays
the decisive role.
(from Anett Reckert.: