CD-edition "Kunst am Bau",
in cooperation with Wieland Bauder
and the Württembergische Landesmuseum, Stuttgart
Music by:
Barnaby O`Rourke
Lars Rudolph
Mayo Thompson
For the occasion of the move of the musical instrument
collection of the of the Wurttemberg State Museum into a
historic building in the centre of Stuttgart, the CD "Kunst
am Bau" was produced as an edition for the museum shop
within the framework of a "Kunst am Bau" project ("Art at Construction").

The project thematized the altered concept of public space,
the function of which has long since been taken over by
medial space. The question was also raised as to what a
sculpture means in this context, in that the distribution of
the CDs from the museum into real space was declared a
sculpture. Three musicians from pop and experimental
backgrounds were engaged to work with the historical
instruments of the museum. The resulting CD-edition was
presented at the museum shop in the form of a stack
containing all of the copies of the edition. Through the sales
or rather purchase of the copies, not only was the stack
changed but so was the imaginary sculpture, which came
into being through the spreading of the CDs within the
private space.
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