Temporary projections by different artists onto the front windows
of the "Birthlerbehörde zur Aufarbeitung der Stasiunterlagen,

A project by Sybille Hofter, Berlin 2005.
The building complex is situated close to Alexanderplatz. This
area is dominated by arterial roads and large prefabricated
concrete buildings. During the communist era, the "Haus der
Statistik" was located in this building. The artists were invited
to tackle the historical as well as the contemporary importance
of the place and its urban integration.

The work "News from Nowhere" contained the sentences listed
to the right. It refers to quotes from drafts of utopian models of
society from the second half of the 20th century. The quotes
become interesting at these historically symbolic places - the
State Security Service office of the former GDR and the neigh-
boring Frankfurter Allee (formerly Stalin Alee) - when consider-
ing what remains of an idealized draft for society, in the face of
the difficulty of its implementation concerning the role of the
individual. Here, the principal question is posed about the future
of a post-industrial society which has used up its resources.